Display digital art across your home with these NFT frames on sale

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It’s safe to say that non-fungible tokens or NFTs have effectively disrupted the art world. Even previous non-collectors who weren’t initially keen on buying art have begun investing in them, either to incur some profit in the long run or actually own them. But the thing about NFTs is aside from being non-fungible, they’re also intangible. You can’t hold and admire each collectible in person as you would a painting or an art print.

Now, this is where NFT frames come into play. Not so different from traditional frames, these digital frames enable you to showcase your collection across your home or office instead of just letting them sit on your computer. Tokenframe happens to be one of the pioneers in this front with their collection of frames that let you bring your NFTs to life by casting them into a unique display.

With Tokenframe, you have the freedom to build your own NFT gallery. Simply plug it in, scan the QR code to connect it, access the wallet where you store your collection, whether it’s Metamask, Fortmatic, or WalletConnect, and cast your NFT. Just like regular frames, you can purchase multiple Tokenframes and distribute them in every corner of your home so you can become the curator of your own gallery.

Tokenframes come in real wooden frames with non-fungible woodgrain. They have custom, anti-glare screens created explicitly for displaying digital art. They also feature a stunning 1080p resolution that makes the art incredibly sharp and detailed for enhanced viewing. There are even built-in stereo speakers and headphone jacks that enable you to fully immerse yourself in your collection.

With the Tokenframe app, you have the option to control the art fill and fit on the frame, as well as the border color, width, and other aspects of the display. You can also set your typical routines and have the frame turned off while you’re asleep or out and about. You can also decide on the artwork’s order, along with how often each piece will switch to the next.

Your NFTs shouldn’t be hiding in your computer. For a limited time, you can enjoy discounts on these various Tokenframes. Just take your pick from these sizes:

Prices subject to change.