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Just because your favorite golf courses might be closed or limited during the winter doesn’t mean you need to wait for warmer temperatures to improve your swing. Gain a head start on better rounds now, and do it for a surprisingly low cost, by taking advantage of Presidents Day savings.

Through Feb. 20, you can pick up the Phigolf World Tour Edition for only $179.99 (reg. $249) with no coupon required. That’s nearly 30% savings on another innovation from a proven virtual swing trainer.

Rather than relying on mercy from Mother Nature or investing in expensive one-on-one swing lessons that lock in your development to a specific time and place, Phigolf instantly brings more than 38,000-course experiences into your living room. Take your game global without purchasing a plane ticket, and put in the work that will pay off with improved results. 

A new product from best-selling golf simulator brand Phigolf, this edition lets you explore that vast array of courses while discovering new insight into your swing. An included swing stick allows you to feel the impact of contact, even without a real ball, or you can attach a sensor to standard clubs.

Gain an understanding of course nuances, from greens to hazards, and connect with other golfers. This pocket-sized swing analyzer offers swift analytical feedback and makes a great on-the-go accessory for those who want to bring these abilities to their workplace or next trip.

Phigolf is a trusted brand that’s earned an Amazon rating of four out of five based on more than 2,500 verified reviews. Whether you’re working on your own golf game or attempting to introduce the sport to a young athlete, this is a great way to make those efforts year-round and weather-proof.

Spend less on this virtual golf swing trainer that’s primed to lower your score. Purchase the Phigolf World Tour Edition for only $179.99 (reg. $249).

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