Ride the green revolution with this $999 electric bike

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Recent years showed an increase in bicycle use throughout the country. Bicycling is an excellent alternative to using motor vehicles since it reduces emissions and provides a simple way to get more exercise. And now, e-bikes are changing the game, making bicycling a realistic option for commuters. 

The BirdBike eBike is a fully electric bicycle that combines performance with safety to make commutes and joyrides easier than ever. For only $999, you can find out how an e-bike could change your life.

Ride with electric style

This e-bike performs like a traditional bicycle with an added electric boost. Press the throttle on the handlebar to activate the 500W electric motor and climb steep slopes, or take a break while continuing to ride. The 36V/12.8 Ah removable battery charges with the included cord to power you with a max speed of 20 miles per hour and up to a 50-mile range.

Substituting bicycling for driving to work or other activities has several physical and mental health benefits. You could see improvement in your cardiovascular muscles, increase your stamina, burn fat, and experience other mental health benefits.

The BirdBike brings you a quality riding experience on smooth and rough roads with the high-performance carbon drive train. This also eliminates the need for chain maintenance like with traditional bicycles. The LED dash displays speed, distance, pedal assist, battery life information, and more. You can also have peace of mind when running errands with the 120db anti-theft alarm.

An eco-friendly way to save money

Swap bicycle rides into your daily commute to save on gas money. The average American spends nearly $3,000 each year on gas on their daily commute alone.

Americans also spend nearly an hour every day behind the wheel and common passenger vehicles emit about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Replacing driving with cycling in your routine is one small change to reduce your carbon footprint.

This e-bike has earned impressive reviews, with one user writing, “I’ve been wanting an eBike forever and so happy I could get one from Bird! My favorite part is how easy it is to switch modes and all of the mode options—e-assist various levels, sport, eco, etc. The screen is also beautiful and very high-tech.”

Your wallet and the environment will thank you when you start making your commute greener with this electric bike. Grab the BirdBike eBike now for just $999 (reg. $2,299.99).

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