Get this all-in-one scanner that uses AR tech to make DIY projects easy

The iOS iScanner App scans and edits documents, photos, ID, and even the world around you to let you take your office or small business anywhere.

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We rely on our smartphones more than ever nowadays, from work to play to running our businesses. If you’re one of those folks who use their phone for everything, why not get the app that bundles the tools you’ll need to turn your phone into a digital assistant? Right now, as part of our Back to Education sale, you can get the iOS edition of iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription for only $39.99. That’s nearly $160 off the usual price.

The iScanner App is the all-in-one app suite that can handle way more than just scanning and editing documents. Not only does it provide a whole host of editing features like blurring, color correction, e-signing, and password protection, but it also scans objects your everyday life. You can pull QR codes at restaurants, count objects in view, solve math equations, and even calculate area or length.

Perfect for DIY home renovations, the iScanner App lets you scan your room with the iPhone’s Area mode and create a digital mockup of what a piece of art or furniture would look like once you put it there. Check out new paint colors, hot décor, and rearrange your furniture until you get exactly what you want. No expensive mistakes or regrets with the iOS version of iScanner, and as a bonus, you’ll be getting 79 percent off as part of our Back to Education sale, so get iScanner and make your office or home look fantastic!

Spotlighted by Gizmodo, TechTribune, and Mac Sources, the iScanner App has a 4.8 out of 5 stars in the App store after 80 million downloads. Perfect for home, the office, or on the road, iScanner lets you run the office wherever you are. So, get it today for only $39.99 until our Back to Education sale ends.

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