City lights as seen from space
Scott Kelly took this photo, demonstrating that the best way to experience a snowstorm is from afar, preferably from the vantage point of space. Scott Kelly

Collision-Resistant Drone

A crash-proof drone designed to rebound off obstacles it encounters went on a mission exploring deep ice cracks in the Swiss Alps. The drone, developed by a team of Swiss researchers, could eventually play a major role in search and rescue missions due to its ability to navigate inaccessable and dangerous spaces.

Uncharted Territory

This map makes use of measurements of earth’s gravitational field to visualize the shape of the seafloor. A team of researchers created it using computer analysis and modeling of satellite data from NASA and the European Space Agency, according to NASA Earth Observatory.

Suspended Soap

Storm-chaser Chris Ratzlaff took advantage of negative 9 degree Fahrenheit weather in Canada by photographing frozen bubbles that he created using his own solution. (Read Pop Sci’s instructions on how to recreate his bubbles here.)

Snowstorm From Satellite

NASA’s satellite captured this photo of Washington, D.C. on January 24, 2016, after the city and most of its surrounding regions received at least 18 to 24 inches of snow.

Glittering Globe

Scott Kelly took this photo, demonstrating that the best way to experience a snowstorm is from afar, preferably from the vantage point of space.

Stranded Sloth

A sloth clinging to a road guard in Ecuador caught the attention of an officer with the Transit Commision of Ecuador. The commission reported that a veterinarian checked the sloth and determined that it was in good condition to return to its habitat.

Bright Like A Diamond

Trumpler 14 is a star cluster made up of some of the Milky Way’s most luminous stars that will explode as supernovae in a few million years. This image is a composite made from data taken over the course of two years with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. (And no, that black blob is not a UFO, but the silhouette of a clump of gas mixed with dust… at least that’s what NASA says.)

Cryptomaster Behemoth

A new daddy longlegs species named the Cryptomaster Behemoth was discovered in Oregon by researchers from California. Their 4-millimeter-long bodies are much larger than those of closely related arachnids.

Tree Of Life

Injecting ink into a fertilized chicken egg yolk visualizes the arteries of the 72-hour-old embryo, featured in a winning video of Nikon’s Small World in Motion competition.

Hound Runs Impromptu Half Marathon

Ludivine, a two-and-a-half-year-old hound dog, escaped from her owner’s yard and ran an entire half marathon in Elkmont, Alabama, finishing in seventh place. According to The Guardian, her owner didn’t realize she had escaped until friends working at the race sent her photos of her dog. Ludivine received a medal for her feat and the race has been renamed in her honor to Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half.