Dude, Where’s My Flying Car (and Jetpack and Armies of Robots)?

We take a look at yesterday's beloved technologies of tomorrow (good news, they're on the way!)

The future wasn’t supposed to look like this. Here we are, one month from the very futuristic-sounding 2009, still waiting for robot armies to do our bidding, nuclear fusion to power our homes and a space elevator to zip us up through the atmosphere. Decades, even centuries ago scientists were promising that certain life changing technologies would be ready to go any day.

It might seem that the future is running a little behind schedule. But never fear! It is, indeed, only a matter of time.

So today, allow us to present to you eight technologies that were supposed to be up and running by now, but still haven’t become part of daily life; along with info on when we can expect the technologies to actually arrive.

From fusion to artificial intelligence, from flying cars to jetpacks, these are our favorites of science’s delayed (but never destroyed) promises.

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