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Outdoor Life's gear is designed for quality and comfort.

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OL Guide Life Catskill director chair in the wild.OL Guide Life

There's a ton of camping equipment out there. Most of the time, that gear is fine, but a lot of the time the product descriptions can be misleading. Whenever I need advice on outdoor gear, I walk down the hall to chat with the insanely knowledgeable editors over at Outdoor Life. They've recently designed, tested, and launched gear under the name OL Guide Life focusing on quality, performance, and comfort.

Sleeping pad

OL Guide Life sleeping pad
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

A good sleeping pad is all that separates your squishy flesh-and-blood body from the rigid dirt, rocks, and roots of the forest floor.. Guide Life's 7.4-pound self-inflating sleeping pad expands to 3.5-inches thick, has a plush synthetic micro-suede top, water-resistant, TPU-coated nylon bottom, and comes in a storage sack that's easy to lug. It is 30-inches wide and 78.5-inches long, so even taller campers can fit comfortably. $129.

Camp lantern

OL Guide Life lantern
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

The water-resistant, 520-lumen Outdoor Life medium base camp lantern weighs just 9.1 ounces, but it can illuminated your campsite with its 360-degree glow for up to 18 hours on a single charge. The integrated 1,000mAh battery can also serve as backup power for electronics like your smartphone or iPad so you can quickly watch YouTube videos about "how to treat a rattlesnake bite.". When the battery is low, an LED indicator light reminds you to recharge the device via a Micro USB cable. There are four light modes—low medium, high and SOS-flashing—and a built-in carabiner on the bottom makes it easy to attach to your tent or backpack. $55.


OL Guide Life headlamp
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

The water-resistant Guide Life Timer Trail Headlamp (3.5-ounce) features a 250 lumen lamp with five lighting modes: white high, white medium, white low red, and a flashing red. The red LED is intended to help you see better at night. It can be used as a spotlight or flood beam, runs on three AAA batteries or a rechargeable Li-polymer, and comes on a stretchy headband. $35.

Bunk House tent

OL Guide Life Bunk House tent
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

The Guide Life Bunk House tent is roomy enough to fit four occupants in the 96 x 90 x 72-inch main area—you can stand inside the tent. It has an attached front porch to leave your shoes or other gear you don't want to get wet. Aluminum poles support the two rooms which are divided by a zippered, mesh door. The tent includes a full polyester rain fly and and amenities like two removable 6-pocket storage systems that attach to the inside walls and zippered storm flaps for rainy nights. It comes with a waterproof floor that wraps upward on the walls, to keep moisture from seeping in as you slumber. The 16.4-pound tent pairs with a large camping mat and comes in a carrying case that fits all the components. $400.

A six-person version costs $499 and measures 112 x 96 x 78-inches to pair with an extra-large camping mat.

Catskill director chair

OL Guide Life Catskill director chair
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

The Guide Life Catskill director chair has a breathable polyester, air-mesh fabric supported by steel tubing to make it sturdy, but comfortable. A 1.8-inch foam back pad adds an extra layer of comfort to make your camping experience more enjoyable. The chair is designed to fold easily and weighs only 12.76 pounds. It even comes with a bamboo side table, complete with its own cupholder. $89.

Camping mat

OL Guide Life camping mat
OL Guide LifeOL Guide Life

Camping can get super messy. Trekking through a dirt trail or getting caught in the mud after a refreshing rainstorm can leave you looking like a swamp monster. To keep your sleeping area clean and safe from moisture, make sure you lay down a waterproof camping mat. Guide Life's lightweight polypropylene mud room and camping mats come in four sizes—small (2' x 3'), medium (4' x 6'), large (7' x 7.5'), and extra-large (7.5' x 8.6'). They are mildew-resistant, reversible, and eco-friendly. Maybe most importantly, they don't retain smells, are easy to clean, and are built rugged enough to endure extended stays in the outdoors. $15-$45.

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