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Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream features objects from butterflies to toy trains arranged by color. Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream.

The following are images from Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream, a book that shows the world arranged by color. Here are a selection of rainbows curated from the natural world.

Colorful rainbow geodes crystals

Geodes as rainbow

Geodes pictured here include: Cobaltoan Calcite from Souss-Massa- Drâa, Morocco, Crocoite from Tasmania, Australia, Citrine from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Quartz from Iowa, United States, Sulfur from Mendoza, Bolivia, Malachite from Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fluorite from Durham, England, Celestine from Faritanin’ i Mahajanga, Madagascar, Azurite from Hubei, China, Amethyst from Artigas, Uruguay.
Beans as rainbow
Beans and legumes pictured here include (from center out): Pink Quartz Beans, Rajama Indian Pink Beans, Snow on the Mountain Lima Beans, Hidatsa Red Indian Beans, Jacob’s Cattle Trout Beans, Tarbais Beans, Adzuki Beans, Dixie Speckled Butterpea Lima Bean, Chinese Red Noodle Bean, Swedish Brown Bush Bean, Zuni Gold Bean, Yellow Split Peas, Fava Beans, Hutterite Soup Beans, Mayocoba Beans, Heritage d’Or Beans, Green Split Peas, Soy Beans, Mung Beans, Moonshadow Hyacinth Beans, Turtle Beans, Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Beans, Scarlet Runner Beans, Christmas Lima Beans, Good Mother Stallard Pole Beans. Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream
Spiraling eggs in the colors of the rainbow

Eggs as rainbow

Eggs pictured include (from center out): Black Copper Marans Chicken, Barnevelder Chicken, Rhode Island Red Chicken, Buff Orpington Chicken, Indian Peafowl, Narragansett Turkey, Button Quail, Pearl Guinea Fowl, Bantam Chicken, Royal Palm Turkey, Chukar Partridge, Greater Rhea, Olive Egger Chicken, Ring-Necked Pheasant, Double-Wattled Cassowary, Easter Egger Chicken, Ameraucana Chicken, Mute Swan, Mallard, Rouen Duck, Indian Runner Duck, Emu, Coturnix Quail, Chilean Bush Tinamou, Cayuga Duck, Pekin Duck, Embden Goose. King Pigeon, Bobwhite Quail, Zebra Finch.
Lined up corn in the colors of the rainbow

Corn as rainbow

Corn pictured here includes (from top left to bottom right): Strawberry Popcorn, Bloody Butcher, Puka Chullpi & Karu Kay Suni, Strubbe’s Orange, Tom Thumb & Reid’s Yellow Dent, Golden Bantam, Paraguayan Chipa, Country Gentleman, Trucker’s Favorite, Green and Gold Dent, Green Popcorn, Oaxacan Green Dent, Po’suwaegeh Blue, Dakota Black Popcorn, Hopi Greasy Head, Chuspi Puka, Morado Potolero.
Feathers in the colors of the rainbow

Feathers as rainbow

Feathers pictured here include (from top left to bottom right): African Grey Parrot Tail Feathers, Moluccan Cockatoo Crest Feathers, Moluccan Cockatoo Body Feather, Amazon Parrot Wing Feathers, Moluccan Cockatoo Wing Feather, Perfect Lorikeet Wing Feather, Red-Shouldered Macaw Wing Feather, Amazon Parrot Wing Feathers, Blue Quaker Parrot Wing Feathers Green-Winged Macaw Wing Feather Stellar’s Jay Wing Feather, Helmeted Guinea Fowl Body Feather, Red-Tailed Hawk Secondary Wing Feather, Blue Quaker Parrot Body Feathers, Indian Roller Wing Feather, Blue-and-Gold Macaw Wing Feathers, Mallard Wing Feather.
Dried leaves in the colors of the rainbow.

Leaves as rainbow

Leaves pictured here include: Scarlet Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Vernal Witch Hazel, White Oak, American Sweet Gum, Flowering Dogwood, Japanese Maple, Staghorn Sumac, Sugar Maple, Sassafras, Peach-Leaved Willow, Common Bald Cypress, Tulip Tree, Black Oak, Red Oak, Juneberry, Pawpaw, Common Witch Hazel, Ohio Buckeye, Gingko, White Ash, Bur Oak, Black Ash, Swamp White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Hedge Maple, Pin Oak, Saucer Magnolia, Osage Orange, Weeping Willow, European Beech, Balm of Gilead, Washington Hawthorn, Chinquapin Oak, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, Butternut, Hardy Catalpa, Pecan, Honey Locust, Sycamore, Weeping Mulberry, White Mulberry, White Pine, Concolor Fir, Lacebark Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Chokecherry, White Oak, American Plum.
Shells in the color of the rainbow

Shells as rainbow

Shells pictured here include (approximately from top left to bottom right): Pink-Mouth Murex, Rose-Petal Tellin, Japanese Moon Scallop, Noble Scallop, Strawberry Top, American Thorny Oyster, Pear Triton, Lion’s Paw Scallop, Yoka Star Turban, Starry Moon Snail, Lined Moon Snail, Florida Fighting Conch, Florida Horse Conch, Indian Volute, West Indian Prickly Cockle, Periwinkle Snail, Money Cowrie, Great Green Turban, Cone-Shaped Top, Elephant Tusk, Common Turtle Limpet, Giant Heart Cockle, Jingle Shell, Fischer’s Gaza, Lightning Whelk, Variable Abalone, Purple Top Cowrie, Violet Coral Shell, Purple Pacific Drupe, Florida Prickly Cockle, Purple Tiger Cowrie, Northern Quahog, Calico Scallop, Juvenile Northern Quahog, Snake’s Head Cowrie, Honey Cowrie, Chiragra Spider Conch, Beech Cone, Marbled Cone, Lettered Cone.
Succulents in the color of the rainbow

Succulents as rainbow

Succulents pictured here include: Kiwi Aeonium, Ruby Ball Moon Cactus, Orange Moon Cactus, Yellow Moon Cactus, Golden Sedum, Blue Chalksticks, Burro’s Tail, Aeonium, Sedum, Tiger Tooth Aloe, Crassula, Zebra Cactus, Crosby’s Compact Jade, Little Jewel, Propeller Plant, Jeweled Crown, White Mexican Rose, Echeveria, Weeping Jade, Echeveria “Perle Von Nürnberg”.

Excerpted from Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream, published by Chronicle Books 2017. Published with permission.

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