Travel Back In Time With These Amazing Historical GIFs

The U.S. National Archives is now on Giphy

The U.S. National Archives, the official record-keeping agency for all of America, announced something pretty awesome today: it has uploaded a bunch of old historical videos, photos, animations, and other media as free GIFs on the popular search engine Giphy. You can get these free historical GIFs here and use them however you want!

Each little animated gem of history includes a link to its page in the National Archives online database, for more information.

The Natty Archives (as we like to say) has also added the ability to search for its GIFs and share them directly on Twitter: click the GIF button when composing a tweet and search “ArchivesGIF.” A handy option for when you absolutely must share your love of retro science nostalgia. Take your love of the graphics interchange format to another level at the agency’s “Advanced GIF-Making Techniques” webinar class coming up next week on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, from 3 pm-4 pm ET, hosted by the Digital Public Library of America. The classes promises to show you how to make your own GIFs from archive images.

See the full collection here, and check out these seven highlights from the archives:

John Glenn At Work
Sequioa Dancing
The Plight Of The Avrocar
Dogs <3 National Parks, Too
Bookmobile Comin' Thru
Flying Off The Page
A Stroll In Space