Microsoft didn’t mince words at the E3 expo today, starting off with a bold look at the next iteration of the XBox console family.

The console comes with a fresh new look (and coat of paint) but also some impressive improvements.


Xbox One S

A look at the Xbox One S and controller from above.

The biggest news: 4K and HDR support, a 2 TB hard drive, and a console body that is somehow 40 percent smaller than the Xbox One, while incorporating the (bulky external) power brick into the unit.

Oh, and they also gave the controller an upgrade:


Xbox One S Controller

Xbox One S Controller

Just a few tweaks, including textured grips to moderately improve the play comfort.

Oh, and that’s important since Xbox gamers can now play cross-platform with any Windows 10 machines. So you’re going to be playing a lot more, with a lot more people.

The price is $299, less than previous years’ Xboxes.

Know what we didn’t see anywhere, though? Kinect.