Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiers in just eight days, or roughly as long as it would take to watch the latest trailer 6,000 times in a row. The second International trailer, aimed primarily at China, covers much of the footage already seen before (and documented extensively by Quartz). This one opens with dark forces, if not triumphant, then definitely powerful and on the warpath. Just look at how many stromtroopers they have!

All assembled in creepy, Nuremberg-esque ordered ranks. As the flash of light near the end reveals, marching columns of soldiers are a terrible idea in modern war. What is the weapon attacking them? We might find out in just a week!

Much of the footage released so far from Force Awakens focuses on war on the ground, which leads one to wonder if war in the stars is getting the short end of the stick in the latest Star Wars. We can’t say for sure, but this trailer does show us X-Wings flying in space and attacking a gigantic mechanical structure.

Watch the trailer below: