Powerful New Bar Freezer Can Make Ice Cubes Out Of Whiskey

Freezing alcohol into a solid seems cool... dangerously cool.

Want your drinks cold but not watery? There’s a new product in the works that delivers alcohol in ice cube form, meaning that as it melts your drink will not dilute, as it would with water ice. The only problem is that, when alcohol is frozen solid, it’s so cold that it could do serious damage if you touch it.

Beyond Zero has created a machine that freezes alcohol solid. For $8,000, you get an icemaker that will freeze anything on the bar: beer, wine, cocktails, anything else you can buy at a liquor store. It’s an interesting way to combat dilution and to chill beverages.

But how low they’ll be chilled is a point of concern. A cube of 100-proof bottled-in-bond whiskey would be -25°F. Touching something of that temperature isn’t the worst thing you can do, but it’ll cause quick and serious injury.

And while keeping a frozen drink cold may be ideal, many beverages are designed to be served at drinkable, liquid temperatures—in fact whiskey is often best enjoyed at the temperature where a little evaporation makes certain flavors more pronounced.

If you want a drink in non-liquid form, may we recommend a tasty powder?

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