How to Create an Office Wellness Room Your Colleagues Will Love

Part lactation lounge, part relaxation room.

In the middle of a busy workday, a wellness room can serve as an area for employees to escape, relax and recharge before returning to their tasks. Although not all companies have them, we think taking the time to provide them—and set them up the right way—is so worth it.

In the video above, we turned a regular office at Working Mother into a wellness room that doubles as a lactation lounge—because no new mom at work wants to pump while sitting inside a tiny bathroom stall! We hope this video inspires you to create a wellness room your co-workers will love!

Here’s what we included:

Mini Fridge

Include a fridge right in the room so moms don’t have to store their milk with coworkers’ lunch.

Black and Decker 1.7 cubic feet compact refrigerator with freezer compartment ($115,

Table for Mini Fridge

Prop a mini fridge on a table so moms don’t have to continuously bend down to store their milk.

Bulletin Board

Moms can tack up pics of their babies or other blissful images to get milk flowing.

U Brands Linen Bulletin Board ($25,


Give moms a choice of either soft or firm pillows to rest on for more comfortable pumping.

Pier 1 Maui Pillows ($30,, Yogibo Fashion Pillow in Coastal ($29,

Comfortable Chair

‘Nuff said.

Collapsible Basket

When not in use, neatly tuck away pillows in this neutral-colored basket.

The Container Store Collapsible Basket ($20,


Relaxing sounds, soft lighting, inspirational wall decor and uplifting scents make a wellness room feel like home instead of the office.

HoMedics Sound Spa Enliven Sound Machine ($40, JcPenney stores))

Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser in Julia ($80,

IKEA ALANG Floor Lamp ($35, originally $40,

IKEA TEJN Rugs ($15, amazon) Framed Prints

  • Do Something Today 18” x 24” framed print ($101,

  • Embrace Diversity 16” x 12” framed print

  • New York City Skyline 24” x 20” framed

  • Chili Peppers 16” x 16” framed

Hospital-Grade Pump

Don’t make moms schlep their pumps back and forth; multiple women can use this powerful, high-tech pump with lightweight personal kits.

Ameda Platinum Hospital-grade Pump ($1,995,

Products for Cleanliness

No need to cry over spilled milk when cleanup can be fast and discreet with paper towels, wipes and a garbage can.

Side Table

Have a surface for resting pumping supplies and other belongings.

IKEA LACK Side Table ($10,

Charging Station

You can’t be well without a well-charged phone. Multi-Charging Station ($50,


Make the most out of a small space by displaying other lactation lounge items on a bookshelf.

IKEA BILLY Bookcase ($59,


Check your reflection for stains, accidental nip slips, etc. before heading back to your desk.

Bed Bath and Beyond Beaded Over-the-Door Mirror ($80,

Items to Help Workers Wind Down

Make your lactation lounge serve as a wellness room too by including fun extras to help workers relax and de-stress.

HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Cushion ($250, JcPenney stores)

HoMedics Shiatsu Select Foot Massager with Heat ($50,

Yogibo StressLess Scented Heated Shoulder Wrap ($24,


Get in the zone by having your favorite tunes playing in the background as you pump.

Monster SuperStar HotShot Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($50,

Magazine Rack

Include some fun reading material, like Working Mother magazine! It’s just $9.97 for four issues when you purchase at

This article was originally featured on Working Mother.