Behind The Scenes Of That Awesome Portal Trick Shot Video

Now you're thinking with Portals

There’s an epic video making its viral way around the Internet this week, featuring two guys in lab coats doing incredible trick shots using a basketball and a Portal gun.

The video was made by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer at Corridor Digital, and it looks amazing. But of course, Portals aren’t real (though there is some evidence that playing Portal will help improve your cognitive skills). So instead of creating a device capable of instantaneously summoning linked wormholes, how did they do it? With some amazing special effects, camera trickery, green screens and a drone.

In one of the cooler trick shots, the video features a camera actually following one person through a Portal to catch a ball that he throws to himself. The production team created the effect by using a green screen with a hole cut through it, and some post-production magic. At one point they also design a computer-generated stunt double for Pueringer, and combine his digital form with real footage of a basketball hoop being pulled to the ground. It’s the little things like that which make it all that much cooler to watch.

See more about how they did it in their “how it’s made” video below: