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I have been trying to go for a run every day over the past few weeks. If I’m bored or have an extra hour to kill before I need to leave my apartment, I might even go on two runs. It feels great until later on that night when my feet ache and I debate never leaving my couch. My solution—and the only thing that helps beyond a lengthy soak—is placing my feet inside the foot massager that lives next to my couch. If you also suffer from sore feet, instead of leaving your house and shelling out a ton of cash, grab a massaging device that you can use again and again from your home. Today, my favorite foot massager is on sale for $80 off and is now available for $100.

Mynt’s Tapping Foot Massager features 22 powerful massage heads that target pressure points on your feet. The shiatsu massager also includes rollers on the bottom of the feet and increases and decreases air pressure to aid in blood flow and alleviate aches. An integrated heating system keeps your tootsies at a consistently toasty temperature. It can reach up to 113-degrees Fahrenheit.

You can customize the temp, air pressure, intensity, speed, and roller pattern, but I always go with the 20-minute preset mode. The removable sleeves inside the machine are easy to wash.

Until Prime Day, if you use the existing code on the product’s Amazon page as well as the checkout code HTECH2SH, you can save 44 percent off the $180 device—now $100.

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