The First Flexible Screen Might Come From An Unknown Company

If you believe reports, Moxi will beat LG, Samsung, and everyone else
LG will showcase their flexible OLED display at CES 2016. LG

The first gadget with a useful rollable screen may arrive faster than we suspected. According to Bloomberg, Chinese tech firm Moxi Group says it will be rolling out a rollable, bendable smartphone screen later this year.

The device is designed to double as a bracelet: it rolls up and stays on your wrist when you’re not using it, but can lay flat as well. Check out the promotional art the company has been showing off:

The image, which depicts a color screen, is a bit suspicious, especially since Bloomberg says the company will be rolling out black and white only devices for now.

The company expects to get 100,000 to market in 2016

There’s not a lot of confirmation about how they’re doing it either, so I suppose all we can do now is wait. Let’s see if the bendable bracelet smartphone rolls out on time.

[H/T Bloomberg]