This Robot Can Open Your Pill Bottles For You

With two dextrous arms, it can do what other bomb squad bots can't

Highly Dexterous Manipulation System

Highly Dexterous Manipulation System

Nimble enough to remove a canister from a cinderblock.Resquared Robotics

The ways robots progress don't always mirror the stages of childhood development, but it's eerie when they do. We've seen robots stumble to walk, watched as they learned the basics of language, and now we can see one dexterous enough to move color disks from one peg to another, stacking them in the correct order.

It can also do more complex tasks, like opening safety lids on pill bottles.

Aptly named the "Highly Dexterous Manipulation System", the robot was developed by Resquared Robotics, with funding from the Army and Navy. Most bomb squad robots only have one arm, which limits what they can do. Two arms means the robot can do complex tasks (while controlled remotely by a human operator), without endangering any human lives in the process.

Watch video of it below: