Droneboarding Is A Thing Now Because Of Course It Is

Hoverboards are so last year

Hoverboards were last year’s hot item, until they started literally catching fire. Just in time for winter is a brand-new technology-and-board-based sport: droneboarding. The premise is simple: While riding a snowboard, attach a rope and a handle to a drone, and let the machine turn a level field into an X-Games wonderland. Or at least give a gentle pull.

The droneboarder in question appears to be no older than eight. The quadcopter pulling the kid doesn’t provide a lot of thrust, making it more novelty than innovation. Or, as The Verge so aptly put it, “Droneboarding needs bigger drones or smaller humans.”

As the description for the video itself identifies, this is a variant on “kiteboarding,” where riders instead catch the wind and use that to sail across the snow. While the idea of droneboarding is funny to contemplate seriously, the video author notes (translation from Russian by Google Translate) “And do not take seriously, it’s just an idea.”

We’ve certainly seen worse ways for parents to bond with their kids over drones. Watch the video below: