How To Make An E-Book Reader Case

Follow these step by step instructions to make a cover for your Kindle or other E-reader out of an old hardcover book:

1. Cut out the pages from a large book, and glue a strip of felt to the inside of its spine.

2. Cut two pieces of cardboard to the size of the book’s covers. Snip off the corners of the cardboard, and glue pieces of felt over the cardboard pieces.

  1. Trace the outline of your e-reader on of one of the cardboard pieces. Punch a hole in each corner one inch in from the outline. Feed a four-inch piece of elastic from the inside through each hole and around each corner of the felt. Glue the ends of the elastic pieces to the inside of the cardboard.

4. To add a cover strap, cut holes in the back cover of the case, and pull a piece of elastic through them from the inside of the cover. Measure how long the elastic needs to be to keep the case closed, cut it, and glue the ends to the inside. For more details, go to