The World’s Smallest Car Runs On Half A Gallon Of Fuel

And it's street legal!

Small cars are big business these days. Thanks to stricter regulation of fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions, everything seems to be downsizing, from the family sedan to the rough-and-ready work truck.

But though they may shrink, few will ever get as pint-sized as the car custom-built by Austin Coulson. At 25 inches high, two feet wide, and four feet long, it’s only suitable for tiny teens who haven’t hit their growth spurt, or possibly Snooki. (She’s small, y’all.)

But despite its wee dimensions, Coulson’s car has everything it needs to be street-legal, including DOT-approved headlights, an up-to-snuff windshield (with wiper), and of course, a horn. Thanks to those bells and whistles, it now carries a set of Texas plates, too.

In the video above, Coulson says that he hasn’t verified the vehicle’s fuel economy, but he knows that it can earn at least 45 mpg. However, since the gas tank can only hold half a gallon of fuel, he’s only able to travel about 22.5 miles before filling up again.

Coulson hasn’t landed any deals to put the vehicle into production, but it did earn the title of Smallest Car in the World from Guinness World Records. So there’s that.

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