Breeze Drone Is Made For Selfies

Like an airborne selfie stick

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With their latest, low-cost unmanned flying machine, Yuneec isn’t really selling a drone. No, the core product behind the brand new Breeze quadcopter is, at its heart, selfies. Effortless, aerial, unique and sometimes video-recorded selfies. The drone is merely the tool with which to get them.

There isn’t a ton of public information about the Breeze yet, but we do know that the drone, announced his week, claims to have a 4K camera, collision avoidance, and five different autopilot settings. With an announced price point of $500 and an advertising campaign chock-full of millennials, and those younger than millennials, the focus is clearly on capturing moments below, rather than exploring the sky above.

Is there enough market to support a selfie drone? Maybe. Yuneec certainly sees a world where camera quadcopters are at least as ubiquitous as helmets at skate parks. We’ll see if the Breeze catches on. If it does, we’re one step closer to a future of robot smog.

Watch a video of it below: