Last week, at its annual iPhone event, Apple announced three new phone models—the Xs, Xs Max, and the Xr—as well as a new Apple Watch, the Series 4. If you missed it, you can read all about the 2018 Apple Event here. The tech team also created a guide to determining whether you should upgrade your iPhone and a look at the new features from iOS 12. Oh, and here’s a video that showcases the new Apple products.

Here’s the truth: I’m going to buy the new iPhone. I’m going to buy the new Apple Watch, too. And so I’ve been poking around for the best new accessories for all things Apple. Here’s what intrigued me:

EarBuddyz 2.0

Keybudz Amazon

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The only reason I don’t have Apple AirPods is that they refuse to stay in my ears. I just discovered EarBuddyz 2.0, though, so I might be about to get aboard the AirPod train. Basically, they are soft, flexible ear hooks designed to fit onto your AirPods. The waterproof silicone ear hooks create a secure fit by aligning with the inner grooves of your ear. Each purchase comes with three sets, which are available in four colors—black, pink, blue, and clear. $12.

iON plus charging pad

iOttie Amazon

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This charging pad provides up to 10 watts of wireless charging power. It’s encased in a soft fabric (available in ruby, ash, or ivory), has internal heat ventilation, and features an indicator light that tells if you are charging your phone properly. The charger comes with a USB-C cable. There’s also a mini version. $42.

Rugged multi-tip charging cable

Nomad Amazon

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If you just bought one of the new iPhones, need a new cable for an older model, or use an Android device, this Nomad ultra-rugged multi-tip charging cable will suit your needs. What makes this cable so cool is that it acts as three chargers—lighting cable, USB-C, and Micro USB—in one. That means fewer tangled wads in your bag. The case is made of tear-resistant nylon, has a PVC jacket to further prevent ripping, and features a thicker wire with a Kevlar core. $35.

Gazepad Pro

Gazedesk Amazon

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The Gazepad Pro mousepad is made of a smooth PU leather and has three built-in wireless charging coils that can charge your Qi-enabled smartphone or mouse. The pad measures 14.1 inches by 8.6 inches and is powered via one of its two USB-C inputs. There’s an LED indicator light on top to let you know if your device is charging. The desk piece is sleek, and comes in four colors—midnight blue, black, grey, and brown. $39.

Plux wireless charging stand

Vinpok Vinpok

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The Plux wireless charging stand lets you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. The plate provides up to 10 watts of power and propped up at an angle so you can easily enjoy the Apple’s Face ID function without having to tip your phone. There’s also overcharge protection to prevent damage to your devices. The only problem: it doesn’t come with an Apple Watch charging cable. You’ll have to pop off the back plate of the stand and insert your own watch charger. It comes in black and white. $49.

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