A food vacuum sealer for 64 percent off? I’d buy it.

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INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver with Cutter Vacuum Sealer Machine
Automatic Food Saver with Cutter Vacuum Sealer Machine Amazon

Keep your veggies crisp, your herbs fragrant, and your meats, uh, not gross. If you don’t shop for food that often, but like to have the option of cooking at home, the answer is keeping your haul fresher longer. The INLIFE K9 vacuum sealer, which sucks all the air that surrounds your food prior to storing it, says that it can keep your refrigerated (or frozen) food fresh up to five times longer. It also means you can get use fewer bulky food containers, which are just an inefficient use of fridge space.

This food sealer works with dry and wet foods and has a built-in cutter, so you can adjust the storage bag to whatever size you want. It takes less than 20 seconds to seal your food, protecting it from moisture and bacteria. It preserves flavor and cuts down on freezer burn. And it’s 64 percent off. It comes with a one year warranty and one storage bag roll. $89.

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