A culinary torch for 57 percent off? I’d buy it.

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WEINAS Culinary Torch
WEINAS Culinary Torch. Amazon

Ever dreamed of having a perfectly caramelized, homemade crème brûlée? After watching hours of Chopped (or Iron Chef, if that’s your bag) do you feel ready to try and impress your friends at a dinner party? A culinary torch will let you sear, brown, boil, and melt your foods with more precision and control. This butane torch by WEINAS has a double blue flame that can reach up to 2500 degrees. The dual flame means you can caramelize faster and with less fuel.

There are safety features built in—explosion-proof barrier technology sounds good to me—to protect yourself and to keep the device from being used by children. The torch is a made of aluminum and has a switch-and-twist valve that controls the flow of the fuel. Butane is not included—the torch holds 12 grams—so make sure to order some here. Get the torch for $19.

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