Watch A Drone Launch A Rocket

Put a flying thing on a flying thing so you can blast off while you take off.

This is a quadcopter that launches rockets. According to Scottsdale, Ariz.-based ukarmy04, the Flitetest forum member behind the project, it’s more of a proof of concept than anything else. The body is mostly wood, with electrical parts from kits, and has a few novel features. The first is a metal disk at the center to absorb the rocket’s blast. The second is a pair of central copper strips that connect the motors to the battery. The motors and batter are mounted on the bottom of the drone, as far from the rocket’s blast as possible.

There’s limited usefulness for something like this—the height gained by launching from a drone is almost certainly offset by the limited carrying capacity of the flying platform. As far as “flying thing that launches flying things” goes, well, this is way less ridiculous than the Helicarrier from “The Avengers”.