Targa Party


It is said that power corrupts. The new 355 hp Porsche Targa 4S corrupts absolutely. Having broken free of city limits, the Targa’s all-wheel drive transfered the full power of the Boxster V6 to the road, turning the 4S into a bright red thunderbolt. Feeling as if I had stolen Zeus’ personal chariot, I pushed the Porsche into triple digits until congestion brought me back to the world of the mortal. Once the initial godlike sensation subsided, the Targa’s minor flaws became apparent. The wind noise from the open roof is perturbing while the 6 speed gear box is loose and feels like an old Porsche sounds. Shortcomings aside, however, the Targa 4S is a worthy agent for any being, and, in true Porsche fashion, garners looks from the loveliest of goddesses.—MotoMatt Cokeley

Targa 4S $97,300