It all started a few days ago with MacSaber, an application that turns
motion-sensor-equipped Mac laptops into motion-sensor-equipped Mac laptops
that make light-saber noises when swung madly through the air. It is fairly
entertaining for the swinger, and fairly horrifying for anyone observing the
reckless abandon with which such a beautiful and valuable machine is swung,
as I found out recently when webmistress Megan Miller subjected
me to a stealthy sneak attack with her shiny new MacBook.

Of course, the phenomenon has already hit YouTube, and here I give you first
a parody of our favorite unknowingly-filmed Star Wars Kid. This one is all
well and good, but
this, friends, is the coup de grace. I
hereby proclaim that the ultimate apex of nerdery has been officially
reached, at the point where Star Wars, MacBooks, webcams, the Internet,
plush pleather computer chairs and people who look like the Comic Book Guy
all converge.

Today just so happens to be the 29th anniversary of Star Wars‘s theatrical
release, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. —John Mahoney