PopSci’s Best of CES 2007

Relive all the madness from Vegas and check out our favorite products, hand-picked from the overwhelming sea of tech that is the Consumer Electronics Show
WowWee Dragonfly
More of a toy than the company´s line of programmable Robosapien ´bots, this remote-control dragonfly still managed to amaze everyone within dive-bombing distance of WowWee´s booth at the Sands. The ultralight bug´s eerily insectoid flight is enabled by two pairs of anatomically-inspired wings. WowWee

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To say that CES is a crazy scene is more than an understatement. Every January in Las Vegas, corporate executives, retail buyers, tech press, plain-old hardcore gear heads and, ahem, Vegas professionals can be found by the tens of thousands scouring four massive convention halls for the greatest new toys, dodging booth babes and insane infomercial-style hawkers (who may or may not be on unicycles) at every turn. And after a long day’s work, everyone goes back to their ridiculously massive hotel/casino/resort to gamble the rest of the night away before waking up bright and early to do it all over again.

It’s a wonder that anyone survives, yet alone gets anything done, but somehow PopSci’s CES team managed to do both. Here, we present the noteworthy products that rose above the din to truly impress us this year. Launch the gallery here.

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D-Link V-Click GSM/Wi-Fi phone
Garmin Astro 220
iRobot Create
Sharp Aquos 108-inch LCD TV
HP MediaSmart Server
Nokia N800 Internet tablet
LG VX9400
Blu-Ray player
Blu-Ray player Blu-Ray
Ion iProjector
OQO Model 02