You may be, like, totally extreme, but unless someone actually sees you flying over your handlebars down a 60-degree slope or hurtling through those Class V rapids, it doesn´t really count. Clip this stunt cam to your helmet or bike, and show those know-it-alls what you´re really up to. The half-pound camera has expandable storage up to two gigs with SD cards, shoots VGA at 30 frames a second, and is even waterproof. Duuude. **ATC2K Waterproof ActionCamera $130; **.

Cheap Trick

If you´re still hanging on to your four-year-old brick of a cellphone because you can´t afford any of the slender beauts that have debuted lately (or because the thought of learning a new system makes you break out in hives), prepare to rejoice. This ultra-slim, Linux-based phone boasts a high-contrast, battery-conscious electrophoretic display and an intuitive icon- and voice-based interface. With 12 days of standby time (and a bike-powered charger in the pipeline), the phone is aimed at emerging markets in developing countries but will doubtless be a boon for many a technology-fearing American. **Motorola Motofone F3 $50; **

Candid Camera

You may be, like, totally extreme, but unless someone actually sees you flying over your handlebars down a 60-degree slope or hurtling through those Class V rapids, it doesn´t really count. Clip this stunt cam to your helmet or bike, and show those know-it-alls what you´re really up to. The half-pound camera has expandable storage up to two gigs with SD cards, shoots VGA at 30 frames a second, and is even waterproof. Duuude. **ATC2K Waterproof ActionCamera $130; **

Modeling Play

Thanks to programs like Google Earth and SketchUp, professional modelers are no longer the only ones who can work and play in 3-D. This device introduces expert-grade three-dimensional motion to the layperson. With a six-axis knob, programmable buttons and adjustable speed, it can make that virtual world you already spend far too much time in just a little more lifelike. **3Dconnexion Space Navigator $60; **

HD On the Cheap

Looking to take the high-def plunge without the high-def hit to your wallet? This add-on for the Xbox 360 turns the popular gaming console into an eye-popping HD DVD player. Not a gamer? With a little tweaking and the right software, it can also work with your PC-all for nearly half the cost of a stand-alone unit. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player $200;

Power Breaker

This outlet connects to your computer via USB, so when you shut down your PC, your printer, scanner, monitor and anything else plugged into it shuts down too. A secondary socket can be hooked up to a surge strip for maximum environmental feel-good. **Port Authority Mini Power Minder $18; **

Bangin’ Buds

From the masters of custom-molded in-ear monitors for pro musicians comes this pair of consumer ‘phones, delivering pristine sound through three independent drivers and two isolated air channels-one each for high and low frequencies. All that’s missing is the roadie to put them in. **Ultimate Ears 10 Pro $399; **

Drive By Design

Flash drives take the form of everything from sushi to little monsters. Meanwhile, most external hard drives stare up at you from your desk, sad and soulless. Not these Lego-like hard drives by Ora-to-each is stackable and color-coded by size, adding some much-needed artistic value to your desk. **LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive $100â€$270; **

Fridge Works

Never mind the fridge poetry-these Rube Goldbergâ€inspired magnets will bring some marble madness to any metallic surface. At the end of the course, marbles are stowed in a magnetic tray, ready for their next run. Frigits Deluxe $29;


Sure, dropping a grand and a half on a chair might seem excessive, but when you think of the money you´ll save on chiropractor’s bills down the line, you´re probably getting a bargain. With 11 adjustable joints, this chair’s back conforms to the shape of your spine to comfortably improve your posture and alleviate back pain. Suddenly, being stuck at your desk for 10 hours a day doesn´t seem quite so awful. **Vert Seating $1,500; **

Dreaming of a Desktop

Found all the power you need in a svelte top-of-the-line notebook but miss the ergonomics of your old desktop? This adjustable stand supports your laptop’s screen at eye level, while the built-in USB keyboard sits flat on your desk for comfortable typing. **Logitech Alto $99; **

Pumping Iron

Even the most sniff-and-wear among us need to look sharp once in a while. Enter the world´s first professional-strength consumer iron. Its LCD display might not be able to say if your wrinkly shirt is passable, but a powerful internal steam generator makes it presentable faster than you can say, â€Dude, pass the Febreze.†**Digital Velocity V95 $150; **

Goody Goody Gumdrops

It may not stream music or shoot video, but this factory lets you make, flavor, color, and shape your own gum. Think of it as an edible modding kit. Like spicy? It can do that. Color-changing? Got your back. You can even make the type that oozes goo from its center. **Discovery Bubble Gum Factory $20; **

Charming and Alarming

Maybe you own your home and are too lazy to screw fire alarms to your ceiling. Or maybe you rent, and your bum of a landlord is convinced that one faulty system in the building´s stairwell is plenty. Whatever the case, this alarm simply snaps onto any hanging light fixture, no tools required. **Snapalarm Smoke Detector Approx. $55; **

Silent Flight

The only thing worse than the prospect of a 10-hour flight is one with a screaming brat in the row behind you. These noise-canceling headphones are the first with two (wide and low) frequency-targeting modes, thus doubling your chances of blocking out the howler. As for the kicking? You´re on your own with that. **JVC HA-NC80 $60; **


iPod killer or not, Microsoft’s Zune is finally here. With an elegant interface, widescreen display, built-in Wi-Fi and a dedicated Zune store, the platform has plenty of room to grow. Let the battle begin! Microsoft Zune $249;

Tough Pod

For its newest and littlest iPod, Apple squeezed a gigabyte of flash storage and a 12-hour battery inside what amounts to a tiny, anodized aluminum chip clip. And don’t be afraid to treat this chip clip any differently than those that can’t play your tunes-its 15-gram weight and no moving parts make it practically indestructible. **Apple iPod Shuffle $79; **

Hello, Sunshine

Drowning your face in a giant pair of orange goggles while hitting the slopes gets old fast. These sunglasses have attachable eyecups that block out 100 percent of snow, wind and glare. After your run, pocket the eyecups and smirk at the raccoon eyes of the goggle crowd. Velocity CV $115â€$195;

Got the Whole World in My Hands

In the future, we´ll have entire music and film libraries implanted in our brains and video recorders integrated into our corneas. Until then, we´ll stick with this palm-size, 20-gig do-it-all. Not only does it store and play your songs, photos and movies, it has an integrated gaming engine and a camcorder that can shoot up to 50 hours of video. Plus, no surgery necessary (except perhaps the one needed to pry it from your hands). **Archos Gmini402 Camcorder $300; **

Square of Fire

Dig the idea of a fireplace but worried about becoming the homey, roasting-chestnuts sort? This glass-fronted, in-wall fireplace looks like artwork and is less It´s a Wonderful Life than Metropolis. Best of all, no chimney flue is required. Vertigo Approx. $2,500;

Mobile, Ultra-Mobile

Another one seemingly straight out of the MI6 gadget lab, Bond´s newest handheld device manages to maintain the necessary cool quotient. The miniature UMPC has a 4.5-inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two cameras, a mic, speakers and a 40-gig hard drive. There´s also an integrated keyboard, a touchscreen and, for the true spies, a biometric fingerprint sensor-lest anyone try to spy on your, uh, â€secret documents.†**Vaio UX280P7 $2,000; **

License to Shoot

Besides PC-syncing capabilities and an RSS news reader, 007’s new cell piece in Casino Royale has an MP3 player, Bluetooth and a 3.2-megapixel camera with image stabilization. Oh, and an injectable sensor that monitors your vital signs and transmits them back to HQ for emergency diagnostic testing. Quality cameraphone pics and an on-call MD? Until it makes martinis, James will still want more. **K800i Price TBA; **

Call It Stormy Monday

True road warriors don´t let a little torrential downpour get in the way. This bag swathes your laptop in the same waterproof fabric used for kayakers´ gear. A rolltop in place of the zipper means not a single drop will gain admittance. **SealLine Computer Sleeve $50â€$60; **

Wet and Wireless

If you´re a Master of the Universe type who can´t go five minutes without some sort of stimulation, you probably already have a shower radio-but not one like this, equipped with a wireless transmitter that streams sound from any CD player, MP3 player or TV within a 100-yard radius. Plus, there´s a lighted fog-free mirror, making shaving time the perfect venue for some impassioned lip-syncing. **Discovery Tri-Fold Wireless MP3 Shower Mirror $100; **

Rock-a-Bye Baby

From the too-comfortable-to-be-good-for-you file, this rocking and reclining desk chair has four positions to take you from upstanding worker bee to sleeping beauty in one swift kick. Leg grips stop you from sliding forward when sitting up and hold your feet just above your head when lying back. Expense it, and when your boss balks at the price, just remind her how much more productive you are after a little spontaneous shut-eye. **Stokke Gravity balans $1,960; **