Warning: This Awesome Video About Pluto Might Make You Cry

(If you are like our editors and obsessed with all things space)

In less than a month, the New Horizons spacecraft will encounter Pluto, after a nearly decade-long journey. The spacecraft launched in 2006, the same year that Pluto was deemed unfit to bear the title of planet. But we still love Pluto, and so do the people at the National Space Society, who commissioned the short film above to commemorate New Horizon’s mission.

NASA produced its own documentary about the mission earlier this month, but we can never have too many Pluto videos.

The new video is a teaser trailer for a scientific mission, and the initial pictures are probably going to look a little more like this than the fantastic artist’s renderings in the video. That’s ok. We’re still really excited. See you on July 14, Pluto.