This Company Will 3D-Print Your Semi-Naked Selfie

But why?

Potentially NSFW content linked below.

Have you ever wanted to 3D-print a figurine of your face on a different person’s semi-nude body? A UK-based company called Firebox has you covered (or rather — the opposite). As Engadget reports, this retailer that bills itself as a “shop for the unusual” now offers “Nudees” — 7.8-inch-tall models all of your face atop one of six different standardized body types (three for the two primary genders, ranging from “curvy” to “slim”). Though all the model figurines depicted in the company’s potentially NSFW photos are white, the company says it can match the skin tone of your body, providing you offer two “well lit snaps” — and headshots at that.

Who’s this for? Firebox says “it’s the ultimate narcissist’s desk accessory,” and suggests it could be “you, your crush, or your boss.” The latter two could probably get you into all sorts of legal (not to mention moral and ethical) trouble, but nonetheless, the models are on sale for $213.09. Popular Science has experimented with custom 3D-printed selfie figurines in the past, though only of the clothed variety to date. And as tech editor Xavier Harding said when asked of the Nudee: “I will not be taking a nude selfie. Nor 3D printing it.”

[H/T: Venturebeat]