BigPic: Two And A Half Years Of Computer Use In One Incredible Image

A map of when artist Marcin Ignac used his computer, when he didn't, and what he was seeing
Marcin Ignac

For a project titled Every Day of My Life, artist/programmer/designer Marcin Ignac used software to track, measure, and visualize his computer use every day for 2.5 years. The result: This beautiful, simple look at one of the most prominent aspects of daily life in the 21st century. Each line is a single day, with colors representing which app was being used at the time of day. (So, for example, your line might be red during this time, signaling that you’re using your browser.) The black sections are times when he had his computer off–meaning that blacked-out section in every day is probably night.

You can check out more visuals based on Ignac’s computer use at his site or Flickr.