Video: World’s Fastest Pick-and-Place Robot Versus Human with Wiimote

If Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers, he would still move molasses-slow compared to the Adept Quattro robot. Now we can all see how quickly the world’s fastest pick-and-place industrial robot can move, based on its performance at National Robotics Week. The Botjunkieguys challenged the robot by waggling a Wiimote to control a moving platform target.

The Adept Quattro certainly lives up to its name by placing chips within holes on the moving platform and removing them just as swiftly. Its four-parallel-arm concept allows for more consistent performance at high speeds, and also enables heavier payloads.

We’re just curious how well the Adept would fare against the fastest robot hands in the East, if only a suitable test of skills could be concocted.

[via Botjunkie]