Office workers may never have to worry again about viewing hilarious but NSFW images surreptitiously. A pair of glasses developed by Brother Industries can project images or documents directly onto a wearer’s retinas.

The Retinal Imaging Display technology displays a small image 10 centimeters wide that appears to float about 1 meter (3.3 ft) in front of a user’s eye. Images have an 800×600 resolution and refresh at 60Hz.

A conceptual image of the view through the new specs

Through the Glasses

A conceptual image of the view through the new specs

Each pair of glasses holds an optical scanner, eyepiece and a light source that also contains a tiny power box. Brother Industries derived its application from laser printing technology, as well as piezoelectric technologies based on inkjet printing.

Similar technologies have tried embedding heads-up displays within the lens of glasses. Other heads-up displays have gone for more specific applications, such as giving drivers a safer experience on the road.

The company has yet to announce how much the specs will cost when it commercializes them next year. But reading those operation manuals hands-free at your desk never sounded so exciting. Those are operation manuals, right?

[via Register Hardware]