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Today is the Memorial Day holiday here in the U.S. and that means the internet is relatively dead at the moment. But, The Techathlon Podcast crew knows that you’re probably about to embark on a long trip home after the long weekend, so we have a new episode for you that’s both short and sweet.

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This week’s episode includes the usual Techathlon Decathlon, which distills the week’s biggest tech stories down into 10 fun trivia questions.

In addition to our typical trivia antics, we also tested out one of the most iconic SkyMall products of all time: A hot dog toaster. This brilliant gadget cooks hot dogs and warms their buns all at the same time. Does it work? Actually, yeah, it really does.

Since you may need more entertainment for your trip home from the holiday, here are a couple of the best Techathlon episodes so far to get you caught up. Safe travels!

Our delivery derby determined which host was the best at ordering food and we argued with the grumps of the internet.

In our Tech CEOs or Supervillains game, the contestants have to decide whether quotes came from the heads of technology companies or full-blown movie bad guys. It’s a little troubling how hard it is.

In our on-air test of bone conduction headphones, I get to yell belligerently, which is one of my favorite activities.