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AI candidates are running for office

In the United Kingdom, a new upstart political candidate going by the name “Steve” is calling for a four day work week and economic incentives for commuters to switch to electric cars. But Steve isn’t quite like other candidates in the race. “He” isn’t even human. Steve is actually an AI-powered chatbot that Brighton Pavillion […]

California’s billionaire utopia may not be as eco-friendly as advertised

Silicon Valley billionaires are still aggressively moving forward with their attempt to create a utopian, sustainable “city of yesterday” near San Francisco atop what they describe as “non-prime farmland.” However, an accredited land trust now claims California Forever’s East Solano Plan is intentionally misleading local residents about the “detrimental harm” it will cause ecosystems, as […]

Law enforcement collected over 1.5 million people’s DNA since 2020

A new investigation published today by Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy & Technology reveals the Department of Homeland Security has amassed 1.5 million people’s DNA in recent years thanks to a potentially unconstitutional and predatory legal amendment targeting marginalized communities—a 5,000-percent increase compared to its database’s previous two decades of existence. This genetic material is […]