Running is the simplest sport to start: just lace up your sneakers and go. But if you’re racking up the miles on a weekly basis, even the tiniest inconveniences can start to put a damper on your enthusiasm. Dangling headphone cords that get caught in your clothing, earbuds that fall out and roll away, and noise-canceling headphones that cause you to miss calls of “bicycle on your left” can be both annoying and dangerous. We chose each of these pairs of wireless headphones for their unique abilities to solve common problems runners face. Sync them with your smartphone or watch, and get back on track to smash your personal records.

Secure fit: Vislla 5.0 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Value You Can Hang Onto

Stay in place while you sprint. Amazon

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These tiny and affordable wireless earbuds hook over your ears and sync with your music device using Bluetooth 5.0. If you vary outdoor runs with gym workouts, you’ll find the noise cancellation technology and deep bass of this pair minimizes distractions from vocal weight lifters. Just be cautious to keep the volume down when you’re out on the street. Take hands-free calls on the go and enjoy up to eight hours of use per charge.

Equalizer option: Back Bay Runner Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Bendy Wrap-Around Fits All Ears

Stay in step with your dubstep. Amazon

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If you can hear that an oboist is out of tune in Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra while you’re running down a city street during trash collection, you’re not running safely. That said, the ability to equalize your audio according to the type of music or podcast you’re listening to is a nice feature—and these well-priced headphones come with 5 EQ settings to bump up the bass or bring clarity to vocals. Bendy ear-hooks and three different sizes of earbuds allow you to customize your fit. There is a wire that connects the pair, but it can go behind your head while in use for minimal annoyance and around your neck when you’ve finished your workout if you don’t have any pockets.

Stay present: Zulu Audio Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

Hear The World Around You

A micro boom box. Amazon

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Technically, these aren’t headphones. They’re wireless mini-speakers. But by functioning as a personalized stereo around your head, they help you stay present while reducing disruption to others that comes from blasting a stereo (and who’s going to run with a stereo?). Secure these to your shoulders on the outside of your shirt using the small magnets provided and you’re ready to rock. Listen to your tunes or take a call while you run while ensuring your ears are free to pick up critical sounds like bicycle horns, traffic signals, and ice cream truck jingles. Just be aware that your music is audible to others, so these aren’t the best choice for the office or public transportation.

Hear through your bones: AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

A Vibration Sensation

They’re also water and sweat-resistant, so you can run singing through the rain, or dance your way through the heat. Amazon

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Bone conduction technology uses vibration to transmit sound to your inner ear without the need to cover your ear canal. This may seem like magic, but it’s a cool solution for runners who want to stay in their own musical headspace without losing track of their surroundings. This extra-light wireless pair loops over the front of your ears with the bone conduction pieces resting against your face, and a slim connector rests at the base of your skull. They’re also water and sweat-resistant, so you can run singing through the rain, or dance your way through the summer heat.