Pouring water directly over coffee grounds and filtering the potent elixir into a drinkable brew seems like taking coffee back to the basics. In reality, controlling your brew, from water temperature to pouring technique, allows for a highly individualized cup. Our favorite pour-over essentials are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for both morning routines and brunches with friends.

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Okay, so it’s not like dripping coffee directly into your veins, but the soft clink of setting this solid and elegant dripper atop your favorite mug will remind your brain that caffeine is nigh. This Japanese-designed dripper is made from ceramic to keep the temperature of your grounds consistent while you brew, and while it can be used to brew up to three cups per pour, it’s perfect for one strong and exacting cup. Rinse and warm your filter with hot water in the dripper before adding coffee, and shape the brew depending on the volume and style of your pour.

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Save money on branded filters and spare some trees with these reusable fabric coffee filters. This package of two organic cotton filters fits the Hario V60 size 02 dripper exactly without needing adjustments. Eco-conscious consumers will love their practicality, and coffee connoisseurs in search of the most artful brew may find that the cloth improves taste and reduces sediment. To clean them, simply rinse and hang dry—and periodically boil them as needed to reduce oil buildup.

An invaluable aid for both coffee and tea drinkers. Amazon

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Maneuvering the average kettle to disperse water over coffee grounds creates an unwieldy stream at best. The contours of this kettle’s spout make it possible to wet your grounds evenly to let them bloom, and then pour in gentle circular motions at the speed you prefer. It’s made from copper-coated surgical steel to prevent rusting, and heats up on your stove top burner like any other kettle. Boil up to four cups of water at a time, and use the clever built-in thermometer to make sure it’s at the optimum temperature to brew without burning your grounds. Tea drinkers can also use the thermometer to master the perfect sencha or oolong.

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This Chemex pour-over coffee maker with a built-in carafe holds 50 ounces and features a striking glass shape evocative of laboratory equipment. Unlike the signature Chemex coffee maker, which requires you to hold the carafe by a wooden collar around the middle, this model has a handle to aid accident-prone people who worry they can’t have nice things. Coffee purists will want to purchase Chemex filters to take maximum advantage of the flavor potential of this unique design. While you’re devouring waffles with friends, you can keep your Chemex on low heat on a gas stove. The durable borosilicate glass is resistant to breakage from sudden temperature shifts—just be sure to purchase a wire grid to protect the glass if you are warming it on an electric coil burner.

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When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, getting pour-over coffee into your travel mug is a pain. Set the dripper on top of your thermos and risk brewing coffee all over your counter, or pour coffee from your mug to your thermos and risk losing precious caffeinated fluid to your sink. This clever coffee maker saves you time, vacuum insulates your brew until you are ready to drink it, and doesn’t require paper filters. It’s made from stainless steel with a copper lining to retain heat for at least six hours, and doubles as a travel mug for cold drinks in the summer. Grab your gooseneck kettle, fill the mesh reusable filter with grounds, pour to your taste, and go catch that train.