Handy lights to help your indoor plants thrive

Bring greenhouse energy to even the darkest of spaces.

Whether you’re in an office or a porch, keeping a plant alive doesn’t always come down to your green thumb. Beyond other stimulants such as pruners and fertilizers, a plant light can help support anything from basil to citrus in a range of environments and conditions. Some common variations among lights include mode options, timers and number of bulbs. As a plus, many of the available models center energy efficiency, so you’re gentle with the planet and also not facing a major electricity bill increase. From functionality to flexibility, these lights below get the job done.

Includes Control Panel And Clip

Using a blend of blue and red LED chips, this product can enhance the speed of your greenery’s growth, as well as stimulate natural processes. It can accommodate small potted items as well as gardens. EZORKAS

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As with any item to enhance your plant’s growth, a light could require some improvisation on your part. Take note of the growth you want to see for your plants, including fruits and vegetables, and monitor results depending on the timers and dimming levels you’ve set. If you see progress, keep going; if you see adverse effects, tweak your approach. Be open to refinements and don’t expect immediate change.

Adjustable Gooseneck

This lamp has a range of brightness levels to maximize its benefits on any flora. Save yourself time and energy with the auto-power function, and rest knowing the energy is efficient. GHodec

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A light can provide peace of mind for plant owners year-round: no matter the conditions outside, your little piece of nature can still thrive. Do your research for your plants’ ideal conditions, including light and watering, to ensure that you’re creating the right environment for it to grow and blossom as its own natural tendencies allow.

Easy To Install

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing item that demonstrates how seriously you take your greenery, this sleekly designed incubator is for you. It can support anything from herbs to succulents. GrowLED

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Most modern lights will do the work of remembering to turn on for you. With a timer, you can preset ranges depending on your plants’ needs, and conveniently mirror natural processes like sunrise and sunset inside your home.