We were all kids once—creative, curious, and always at the ready with a handful of questions about pretty much everything. How do magnets stick? Why is the sky blue? And do I have x-ray vision? (I didn’t.) Science continues to progress by leaps and bounds, and these days it’s easier than ever to augment our kids’ education and inspire them to keep asking the big questions. From biology and electronics to robotics and physics, grab one of these and support your child’s natural proclivity for exploration while spending some quality time together. You may even learn something yourself.

Here are some of the latest and greatest science kits currently available.

Gross fun with bacteria and more. Amazon

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Pique your kids’ interest in biology and cultivate a healthy, well-rounded understanding of bacteria and germs with this funky biology kit from Scientific Explorer. Choose from six science exercises that include creating a stinky intestine, sticky snot, fake blood, and even grow friendly molds and bacteria. The whole kit includes everything you need including petri dishes, baking yeast, agar, and cotton swabs. Recommended for ages eight and up with the supervision of an unfastidious adult.

Explore the physics of light. Amazon

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This science kit from Thames & Kosmos is a veritable physics playground that shines a light on the mysterious workings of optical physics. Explore the world of optical illusions and how the brain affects visual perception, build a pinhole camera and compare it with the human eye, and examine the color spectrum using a color wheel. Other goodies inside include a fiber-optic peacock and diffraction glasses. With more than 35 experiments to conduct, this kit will enlighten kids and adults alike about the amazing connection between the brain and the eye.

Hands-down the best introduction. Amazon

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The Snap Circuits LIGHT Exploration Kit is a one-stop electronics kit that includes enough parts to conduct a whopping 175 different projects. Demystify the magical world of electronic circuits using this 55-piece kit and learn firsthand how to create an infrared detector, strobe light, and so much more. The included plastic grid allows pieces to snap on easily without any soldering, and everything is color-coded and numbered to make the workflow as easy and educational as possible. Check out Snap Circuits’ other kits too for a myriad of other fun experiment options for inquisitive minds.