It can be difficult to get a good fitness routine going at home. Thankfully, there are plenty of full-body workout machines equipped to help you burn as many calories and develop as many muscles as their gym counterparts. Turn on your favorite Netflix show and get pumped.

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If you really want to work up a sweat, go with the Bowflex PR3000. It has more than 50 full-body exercises that will kick your butt hard and work your arms, abs, shoulders, and chest. Customize your workout with the machine’s multiple cable pulley positions, then use the leg attachment for lower body toning. This home gym has 210 pounds of heavy duty power rod resistance.

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If you’re missing your gym rowing routine, the Fitness Reality Rowing Machine is the perfect at-home substitute. It has a wide foam handlebar for comfy grip, a cushion seat, and folds for easy storage. Track your workout results through a free fitness app that measures time, distance, and calories burned. You can also take advantage of extra exercises with the machine’s front stabilizer foot pads, which lend themselves to moves like tricep extensions, curls, and shrugs.

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Get a low-impact aerobic workout with the straightforward MaxiClimber. It’s adjustable to your height, easy to assemble, and will put your upper body, lower body, and core through the wringer. Extra snaps for its free fitness app, which offers a 21-day meal plan with 80-plus recipes and an on-demand fitness coach.

Designed to accommodate a variety of exercises. Amazon

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Switch up your workouts as much as you want with the Total Gym APEX G1 machine. Seated chest presses, squats, lateral pulldowns, and V-ups can all be done on this machine, which comes equipped with four resistance bands. There are also eight levels of incline, so you can customize how hard you want to go that day. Say goodbye to every crowded, sweaty pilates class.