Spruce up your coffee table by investing in some beautiful books for you and your guests to peruse. Start off your collection by grabbing one (or two) eye-grabbing Earth focused compendiums. Learn more about our planet, gaze at stunning images, and wow your friends while keeping clutter to a minimum. A coffee table book takes us just the right amount of space and will leave your home feeling ordered and organized but never boring. From the plains to the oceans, check out some of our favorite Earth focused books and start planning out your table arrangement.

Best overall: Earth is My Witness: The Photography of Art Wolfe

Get Ready To Explore

This book is 396 pages long, which will give you an ample amount of material to gaze at, wonder over, and learn from. Amazon

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This book is the most extensive collection of Art Wolfe’s work and you don’t want to miss it. Wolfe has dedicated his life to exploring, understanding, and photographing the world’s richest sights; observing everything from various cultures and traditions, wildlife, and ecosystems. These images will get you thinking, right after you’ve recovered from being awe-struck. Populated with intimate stories about Wolfe’s experiences, this book celebrates the ways in which we are all connected to one another and specifically to nature.

Most unique angles: Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

Head Over Heels Vantage Point

Peak at one of the book’s 288 pages and you won’t be disappointed. Amazon

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Inspired by the astronaut experience of looking down on the earth from above and seeing the Earth in its entirety (often called the Overview Effect), Benjamin Grant created this breathtaking work full of high definition satellite images that offer a perspective few of us will get to see with our own eyes. Images of agriculture, industry, coastlines, and more populate its pages in an almost unrecognizable way. From high above, you can see man’s impact on the earth, for better or worse, and gain perhaps a new appreciation of Earth’s forms and functions.

Aqua ecosystem book: Water & Light: Ocean Photography by Ray Collins

The Moment Before You Go Under The Sea

No wave is the same, you’ll quickly learn this, and Collins has traveled to Hawaii, Tahiti, the Australian coastlines, Indonesia, Iceland, and more to bring unique, never before seen moments into your home. Amazon

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Water & Light by Ray Collins captures still images of water colliding with light in the form of waves. While many ocean or sea photography books are dedicated to diving below the surface, we wanted to provide something with a little more of a unique spin. Collins stays just above the surface, specializing in the unpredictable, natural phenomena that govern most bodies of water.

Best for children: National Parks of the USA

You’ll Be Eager To Hit The Road

Not every coffee table book is full of photographs and not every coffee table book is exclusively for adults. Amazon

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If you have kids roaming around, consider adding a book for them to your growing collection. National Parks of the USA is a beautifully illustrated, wonderfully educational book by Kate Siber and Chris Turnham that explores 21 national parks including Big Bend, Yosemite, the Badlands, Acadia, the Everglades, the Great Smoky Mountains, and more. Captions provide informative facts about wildlife that will wow adults and children alike. You and your kids can go on great adventures from the comfort of your home, but don’t be surprised when someone asks for a family vacation to Yellowstone during the holiday season.