Maybe you eat grilled meat for every meal because you never really figured out how to cook meat indoors. Maybe you save grilling strictly for weekends, when you can pour yourself a drink and linger over coals. Maybe you need something just a bit fancier. Whatever your cooking habits may be, these grills have you covered from the most basic to the more sophisticated.

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If you’re a no-fuss chef with a penchant for weekly grilled meat and not a lot of time, this is the grill for you. The three-burner propane grill allows you to adjust for searing and cooking slowly. It has 529 square inches of cooking space and 30,000 BTU per hour. Add in a push-button lighter, hooks for your grilling tools and tables on either side for food going on and coming off the grill, and you’ll be making nightly meals for years to come.

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For a proper backyard barbecue, when the smell of charcoal mixes with seared steak, the Weber Original Kettle can’t be surpassed. The classic design guarantees charcoal perfection each time you pile up the coals and douse them with lighter fluid. Easy-to-use vents allow you to control temperature. The porcelain lid and bowl retain heat and won’t rust. The grill holds up to 13 burgers, or any number of other meats and vegetables.

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Don’t let this little grill’s size fool you. The compact grill can fit up to eight burgers, eight steaks, six to ten chicken breasts, or about four pounds of fish. It’s portable, making it perfect for quick campground barbecues or impromptu picnics at the lake. The best part? It’s only 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, weighing less than 14 pounds.