Coffee is a centerpiece in our lives. It marks a new beginning, escorts us through our mental fog, and gets us safely into the next phase of our day. Depending on the circumstances, preparing a meticulously hand-poured cup of coffee can be just the break you need from your busy work day; at other times, and arguably more often, coffee is a time-sensitive, urgently needed jolt of energy that simply can’t wait. For occasions like the latter, a quick-functioning coffee maker that can deliver quality beverages on a moment’s notice is a must-have for home kitchens and office break rooms, and they’re the absolute best way to get a rich, satisfying cup in a hurry and help you on to the next thing.

Here are some of our favorite quick coffee machines currently on the market.

Brew to your very own custom specs using the app over Bluetooth. Amazon

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Nespresso is a pioneer of pod-based coffee brewing technology, and their Expert model machine delivers some of the best quick, high-quality espresso for which they’re known. It has a 38-ounce water tank and can brew four different coffee drink sizes ranging from a .85 ounce Ristretto up to a 5-ounce Americano. Its anthracite grey finish and sleek, rounded edges help the machine blend in with any discerning decor, and a bundle that includes an equally stylish Aeroccino for foaming milk is available as well. Drinks can be prepared to three different temperature levels, which is a must if you’re adding hot water to your coffee.

Dishwasher-safe parts and a straightforward interface. Amazon

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Not many quick-brew coffee machines can prepare two beverages at once, but this machine from Senseo does just that, all while maintaining a low profile thanks to its simple functions and understated design. It has a 20-ounce water reservoir and two pod compartments, plus adjustable spouts to allow coffee to pour directly into your mug or cups of choice. It’s controlled with a simple power switch, and it offers two brew time options for custom coffee intensity. Whether you’re trying to brew a double-strength cup of coffee or you’re making one for a guest, this unit will get you there in under a minute.

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The ENV135B from Nespresso is an ideal choice for coffee drinkers and hard workers who throw back multiple cups a day and don’t want to deal with frequent tank refilling. Combined with its container that holds up to 17 spent capsules at a time, this machine is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency with minimal fuss. You can set the machine to brew any of its four drink size options, and when you’re finished it automatically shuts itself off nine seconds after the last brew. If high capacity is a concern, this unit can be put through its paces both at home and the office alike.

Italian design meets single-serving coffee. Amazon

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The Clio coffee brewer stands out among the quick-brew coffee machine crowd thanks to its peppy, compact form and sleek white finish that make it perfect for small kitchens everywhere. Its single-cup brewing process uses high pressure to extract beans from Clio’s proprietary pods, rendering a quick and tasty cup in just over one minute. It sports a robust 48-ounce water tank and brews three different sizes of beverage, and the cup platform is adjustable-height for perfect placement of your espresso cup or glass of ice.