Nothing signals that work is about to get done more than the roar of a chainsaw. Its sound has become synonymous with heavy-duty jobs that require a unique blend of precision and power (unless you’re talking about horror movies, in which the sound tends to imply something else). If you have need of a non-nonsense power tool, then you have come to the right place.

From small jobs to complete demolitions, we’ve found some of the best chainsaw options out there. Please don’t forget to research and buy safety gear.

Big-time style point bonus. Amazon

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You shouldn’t judge a product on looks alone, but…come on. If this one doesn’t scream “hardcore” we don’t know what does. Luckily, the Salem Master is packing a lot of power underneath its flashy facade. A 3.4 horsepower gas chainsaw, the 58CC has as top engine speed of 8500 RPMs, and self-oils its bar and chain to ensure consistent performance. It also may look scary, but it’s designed for easy use and has several built-in safety features such as a safety switch to guard against accidental starts, a quick stop chain brake, and a slip-free handle. It’s up to any task.

Silent but hefty. Amazon

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If you live in a place where your neighbors are right on top of you but you still need to get some heavy yard or construction work done, you want to consider the Oregon CS1500. Considered one of the quietest models, it doesn’t give you the satisfying lion roar of an old school chainsaw but it does the job without becoming noise pollution. A corded, electric 18-inch chainsaw, its mobility is somewhat limited, but it saves on gasoline and weighs just under 13 pounds. It also has an easy to use self-sharpening system.

Trim the earth, but don’t pollute it. Amazon

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A smaller, more lightweight model intended for general work around the house, the Greenworks (as you can judge by its name) is interested in leaving a little a footprint as possible. Avoiding noxious gasoline, this cordless chainsaw uses their G-Max 40V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be swapped and shared with other Greenworks yard work tools. The trigger starter and button combination make it easy to get going, and even easier to stop suddenly if needed. All the freedom of a free-roaming gas chainsaw with the environmental sensitivity of a corded electric.

It has reach. Amazon

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This versatile mini-chainsaw converts from a tiny handheld saw into a 15-foot telescoping pole saw ideal for tree trimming and other lawn jobs. Its relatively tiny 6.5-amp motor won’t have you sawing through Redwoods, but it can handle most tree limb-related work for the average homeowner. It’s also electric, so you can avoid dealing with gas fumes. One quibble: the “release” button on the pole is kind of in a natural thumb-rest spot, so be careful not to unlock the device mid-cut and have to duck dropping chainsaws.