Every cat owner knows just how picky their pet can be about lounging spots—ignoring toys or abandoning a nice, cushy bed because they prefer the box the bed was delivered in. Likewise, cat owners can commiserate over cats scratching at furniture or climbing onto places they shouldn’t be. A cat tree is a great way to give your kitty a safe place to satisfy those urges.

We’ve chosen our favorite cat trees.

Hours of play. Amazon

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This cat tree has it all—numerous platforms for climbing, a dangling cat toy for playing, jute scratching posts to satisfy your cat’s desire to claw, a hideaway, and a perch at the top where your cat can observe the goings on of the household. And if you’re looking for other swanky features, AmazonBasics has models with hammocks, ladders and tunnels.

A little private palace. Amazon

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AmazonBasics has a perfect cat tree for a one cat household—with only one floor, this one has a minimal footprint, despite having enough features for any cat to feel comfortable and entertained. Jute scratching posts and dangling toys decorate the first floor, while a cat condo at the top provides a nice little hiding spot.

Display it alongside indoor plants. Amazon

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For a cat tree that looks like, well, an actual miniature tree, On2Pets seriously delivers. This cat tree has three levels and a scratching post in the middle, and it can support up to 32 pounds. It’s great for interior design lovers who think standard cat trees are an eyesore, or for those who love the look of indoor plants.

The sky’s the limit. Amazon

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This 116-inch-tall cat tree is meant to be held in place with floor-to-ceiling tension and adhesion—giving your cat an incredible range of play space. Best suited for the corner of a home or apartment, this cat tree has multiple hammocks and scratching posts.