We as humans spend a lot of our waking lives in front of screens. Wearing blue light blocking glasses can improve sleep and help reduce the risk of developing eye-related problems and other negative effects. They can also be a cute new accessory for switching up your personal style. Here are our most effective, affordable, and stylish picks.

Triad of Colors and Styles

Lenses are made of imported German materials that have high permeability, no glare, no added pigment, and less reflection. The multitude of options makes it simple to find pairs that match your style. LNEKEI

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Blue light blocking glasses with multi layer blue filter coating are much more effective than other non-coated glasses. Some pairs of glasses have as many as ten protection coats serving different functions, such as anti-scratch, anti-electromagnetic, anti-reflection, UV400, waterproof, and blue light blocking layers.

Comes With Accessories

Includes a testing card and torch so you can ensure the product is working, as well as a microfiber cloth. ANRRI

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As with any pair of glasses, you want to make sure the frame is sturdy and reliable. Blue light blocking glasses made of the thermoplastic material TR90 are incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. With these qualities, TR90 glasses are extremely comfortable, bendable, and resilient to damage.

Duo of Funky Wire Frame

This retro, round, and lightweight option are gentle on the face and comfortable to wear. Genseion

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Blue light blocking glasses are functional and fashionable. They come in all types of frames—round eye, wayfarer, pantos, clubmaster, ful vue—and colors: black, clear, gold, silver, tortoiseshell, pink, red, and more. Pick a pair that matches your personal style and start protecting your eyes from blue light.