It is important we use our resources wisely. Toilet paper is a wasteful single-use paper product, and its production is eco-unfriendly to the extreme. It involves the destruction of forests, the use of massive amounts of water to create paper pulp, and chlorine-bleaching to turn that pulp soft and white. Though bidets use water to do the same job as toilet paper, they use very little compared to what gets used in TP manufacturing. Bidets are also way cleaner and less rough on the rump than wiping. Not only will a bidet make your time on the toilet more pleasant, it will also save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to keep restocking a single-use item.

Many countries around the world have adopted the bidet as their standard source of undercarriage cleanliness, and it’s time we join the party. To help you start your search, we made a list of some of our favorite bidets currently on the market.

Heated seat with air deodorizer. Amazon

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This attachable toilet seat is an awesome entry-level bidet. It’s easy to install, working with your existing water supply, and it has a side control panel with the necessary functions plus a few extras. It has a front and rear cleaner, pressure and temperature control, dryer, and arrow buttons to make sure its aim is spot on. In the luxury department, it has a seat heater and air deodorizer. The TOTO also has great toilet cleaning mechanisms such as a toilet bowl mister and a self-cleaning wand.

A spa for your bottom. Amazon

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If you want to double down on luxury, the BB-600 is the bidet toilet seat for you. The control panel on the side has all the basic bidet functions such as front and rear cleansing, pressure and temperature control, wand positioning, and warm drying. In addition, it has a kids function for lower pressure. For added comfort, the BB-600 has a massage feature, oscillating cleansing, and a bubble infusion function that makes for a tingly and refreshing experience. This is the cushiest option for your tush.

Energy and cost-efficient bidet seat. Amazon

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This bidet toilet seat is super easy to install and has few frills but gets the job done well. Connecting to your normal water supply, it has options for front and rear cleansing with adjustable pressure. This is all controlled by one subtle dial on the side of the toilet seat. The seat also has an adjustable nozzle with different spray patterns. You can remove the entire seat with the push of one button to make cleaning your toilet way easier. The nozzle itself is also detachable. On top of its bidet features, the American Standard is a comfortable toilet seat that closes slowly so as not to slam. This is a low-commitment, green, and straightforward option for bidet seats.

Stainless steel sprayer for any toilet. Amazon

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This top-notch handheld bidet sprayer can be installed in 10 minutes as an attachment to a normal toilet. The holder hangs on the ledge of the water tank, secured by its lid. These sprayers are great for washing yourself as well as washing your toilet bowl. Water pressure is controlled by how gently or firmly you press the lever. These are standard in many parts of the world and can deliver the same level of cleanliness as more pricey or complex bidet options.