We’ve all been there, unsuccessfully trying to scrape the remnants of snow, sleet, and ice from last night’s storm off our cars. While it’s often a dreaded task, it’s necessary before you can safely—and legally— hit the road. Put on your warmest gloves, your favorite parka, and use one of these scrapers to chip that frost off.

Hosts four rows of bristles. Amazon

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At 26 inches long, the Mallory USA 532 can reach the ice and snow across your entire windshield. Using its foam grip, you can maneuver the 8-inch bristle head to brush off snow and use the four-inch blade to scrape the ice. And if you’ve got a thick, stubborn layer of frozen water, don’t worry, this blade has ice chippers to break through it.

Comes with a thick foam handle that’s easy to grip on while you’re pounding away. Amazon

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This one-handed ice scraper is a great lightweight option that can be stowed under your seat or hung up in your garage (it has a hook). Desired Tools promises that the 3.7-inch blade will not scratch the ice off your windows. Just above its blade are de-ice chippers than can crush the thicker ice that accumulates below your bumper—or even that which collects in your freezer. Each ice scraper comes with a one-year warranty.

Keeps some of the cold away from your hands.

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The Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher is your traditional scraper, boasting a 4.5-inch oval blade to scrape even the thickest ice off your vehicle. And at 11-inches long, you’ll be able to work on half your windshield. The chippers on this scraper are separated from the blade, which makes it easier to break up the ice.

Thick black and orange bristles. Amazon

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The BirdRock Snow Moover and Ice Scraper is the only option that has a robust and removable snow brush head that swivels 360 degrees. To properly scrape, first use the jaws to break through the ice, then turn the tool to the other side to use the flat scraper to move the rest. At 20 inches long, it can reach the majority of your windshield without you moving much.

Can fit right or left handed users.

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And now for a glimmer of genius. This wearable scraper is basically a glove with a blade on the end of it. The glove is made of waterproof cloth, and has a soft fleece lining inside. At 13 inches long (including the blade) and 7-inches wide, these are long enough to fit your hand and part of your wrist.