You love your dog. Your dog loves treats—especially nibbles made from real ingredients like meat or peanut butter, without unnecessary filler ingredients or extra calories. These treats give your dog a little morsel of happiness without sacrificing their health.

For training: Rocco and Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

Three Flavor Choices

Slow-roasted jerky treats that break into bites. Amazon

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These jerky treats look and smell so good you might almost be tempted to try them yourself. Choose from beef, chicken, or turkey sticks—they’re slow-roasted for 10 hours and smoked, with no fillers like wheat, soy, or corn. Bonus: these sticks break easily into smaller pieces, which makes them ideal for training.

Simple ingredients: Wellness CORE Dog Treats

Most Size And Flavor Options

Bite-sized biscuits.

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These bite-sized biscuits have a real marrow-filled center your pup is sure to love. It’s grain-free and filled with turkey or beef, with no artificial colors, flavors, or animal by-products.

Variety: Zuke’s Mini Natural Soft Dog Treat Three Pack

Switch Them Up Daily

Tiny, low-calorie training goodies.

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These miniature dog treats are adorable and perfect for training—they contain less than three calories per treat, which is key if your pup can’t afford a lot of extra calories. They come in all sorts of fun flavors (Rabbit! Duck! Salmon! Peanut butter and oats!), and are made in the USA.

Flavor upgrade: SmartBones SmartSticks Rawhide Free Chews

Good For Their Teeth

A healthy, digestible rawhide chew alternative.

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These chews are made from real peanut butter and chicken, and will give your pup the chewing fix they need without some of the risks of rawhide, which are sometimes processed with nasty substances that aren’t great on your dog’s stomach. These are enriched with vitamins and minerals and, like all chews, SmartSticks can benefit your dog’s teeth.